At the first appointment I will introduce you to my way of working and  we’ll identify  what is your main reason for seeking help. We’ll explore together how to proceed. The frequency of your visits will depend upon your needs  After some time it may well be that you want to decrease the frequency of the  visits.  At the beginning or end of each session we will look together at what we have already achieved and what we should take to the next session.

You can expect from me to treat you respectfully and with care taking into account your own limitations and desires. My dialogue will be open and honest, and I will speak with knowledge and expertise. If not I’ll refer to another therapist or physician if needed. You can contact me with all your problems, whatever they may be. Even though I am a physician, I’ll only  provide psychological support and coaching. The diagnosis and management of physical diseases and your drug treatment stays with your doctor. If you agree I will be working in close collaboration with your general practitioner.